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Episode 15 – Company-Related Factors You Need To Consider When Building a Financial Plan

Creating a financial plan can be daunting, no doubt. 

While you need to prepare from your side, the financial firm you’re working with needs to be prepared as well.

In this episode, Rick Dwyer shares two important factors that you should consider when choosing your financial firm. Rick highlights why you should be familiar with their planning approach as well as with the fees they are going to charge you. 

You will learn:

  • Why it is so important to know a company’s approach when you’re working with them to build your plan 
  • The truth about considering fees that are too high or too low when looking for companies to develop your plan 
  • Tax and estate planning factors you need to be aware of when working on your financial plan 
  • The importance of communication between the professionals who are handling your planning 
  • And more!

Listen today, and find out why’s never too early to start planning!

Resources: Argallus Financial Group: (904) 800-7299 | Rick Dwyer  | Vanguard  | T. Rowe Price

Episode 14 – Everything You Need to Know About the Tax-Free Master Plan Strategy

It can be hard to plan ahead when there are plenty of financial concerns and distractions. While many professionals and business owners say they are on track with their financial planning, not all are confident or even ready for retirement.

In this episode, Rick Dwyer discusses his tax-free master plan, which he developed to help people earning over $150,000 minimize the impact that taxes will have on their financial future.

You will learn:

  • Why and how the Argallus tax-free guide helps people earning over $150,000 minimize the tax impact
  • From investors to business owners: Who benefits from the tax-free master guide 
  • The four key tax-related issues you may be concerned about 
  • Why the firm’s tax-free master plan strategy is so unique compared to other programs 
  • And more!

Tune in today and learn how a strategy like Argallus Financial’s tax-free master plan can help you save money and protect your assets in retirement!

Resources: (904) 800-7299 | Argallus Financial Group | Rick Dwyer | Bloomberg Article: 401(k) Plans No Longer Make Much Sense for Savers

Episode 13 – The Ins and Outs Of Employee Benefits – With Guest Jason Portz

Believe it or not, employee benefits are not just for employees. They can also be a huge benefit to employers.

In this episode, Rick Dwyer sits down with Argallus Financial’s national field director Jason Portz. Today, Jason breaks down the ins and outs of employee benefits. He reviews its pricing, limitations, and other considerations to help employees, employers, and individuals pick the right one. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Which health benefits Argallus Financial Group offers through agents such as Globe Life Family Heritage Division
  • What supplemental policies are, and why they are convenient to have 
  • 100% return of premiums, nearly no limitations, and four levels of pricing: What makes the policies at Argallus and Globe Life special 
  • How both firms help those who don’t have employers access health-related benefits  
  • And more!

Employers, employees, and individuals, tune in today to learn how Argallus Financial Group and Globe Life Family Heritage Division can help you find the health benefits that fit your needs and budget! 

Resources: (904) 800-7299 | Argallus Financial Group | Rick Dwyer | Globe Life Family Heritage Division | Jason Portz 

Episode 12 – Tax Planning Considerations For Business Owners

Tax season is not a yearly event. Instead, it’s something you should be aware and conscious of throughout the year, especially if you are a business owner.  

In this episode, Rick Dwyer discusses all things tax planning, from the tax code to minimizing taxes. Tune in to discover tax-related considerations business owners should always be mindful of.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the tax code functions, and why is it considered to be a dynamic process 
  • Why advisors should always look after their clients’ taxes 
  • How employee retirement plans can reduce their employers’ tax liability
  • From charities to corporate structures: Different tools business owners and contractors can use to minimize their taxes
  • And more!

When it comes to taxes for business owners, tune in, and learn why one should be informed rather than uninformed!

Resources: (904) 800-7299 | Argallus Financial Group | Rick Dwyer