About Us

Argallus (Are – Guh – luss) is derived from Greek and stands for “Watchful Guardian”. We knew this is how our clients want their financial advisor to regard their money and financial goals.

We have met with thousands of people over the years and many of them have been told that the only way they can grow their wealth is by investing in the stock market. While the market can provide exceptional returns at times, it can also provide substantial losses, and usually, at a time you can least afford it.

Understanding the Level of Risk you are currently taking is a good first step. Many investors have to come to see us and said that they were conservative, yet when we analyzed their portfolio it was common to see their portfolio at a higher risk level than they were comfortable with.

One thought that people should consider is that market losses will hurt you more than market gains will help you. Especially in retirement, where Safety is crucial. Get your Risk Score in our Resources section.