Episode 13 – The Ins and Outs Of Employee Benefits – With Guest Jason Portz

Believe it or not, employee benefits are not just for employees. They can also be a huge benefit to employers.

In this episode, Rick Dwyer sits down with Argallus Financial’s national field director Jason Portz. Today, Jason breaks down the ins and outs of employee benefits. He reviews its pricing, limitations, and other considerations to help employees, employers, and individuals pick the right one. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Which health benefits Argallus Financial Group offers through agents such as Globe Life Family Heritage Division
  • What supplemental policies are, and why they are convenient to have 
  • 100% return of premiums, nearly no limitations, and four levels of pricing: What makes the policies at Argallus and Globe Life special 
  • How both firms help those who don’t have employers access health-related benefits  
  • And more!

Employers, employees, and individuals, tune in today to learn how Argallus Financial Group and Globe Life Family Heritage Division can help you find the health benefits that fit your needs and budget! 

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